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RMS Olympic sunk between 6 April 1917 and 11 November 1918

Discussion in 'Olympic' started by George GJY, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. George GJY

    George GJY Member

    If RMS Olympic was sunk after its sister ships and the American entrance into WW1 during the time frame of WW1 or shortly after, what happens? What will White Star Line get after WW1 as war reparations? And, how will the company survive without all 3 of its best liners as intended for the company?
    [Preferably 1918 for minimal butterflies, but the British and American could better use, rotate or repair their liners and army divisions with Olympic's loss and WW1 shouldn't be affected too much.]

    Now, what if RMS Olympic was sunk on a post-war transatlantic voyage between the German war reparations received by White Star and the Great Depression with heavy loss of life?

    Title applies for a 11 November 1918 to 24 October 1929 sinking as well.

    Especially interesting would be a late 1918 sinking of RMS Olympic.

    Mark Chirnside's Reception Room: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic: Target Olympic - Feuer!

    Or U 103 getting its torpedoes ready for a down the throat sinking of Olympic.
    SM U-103 - Wikipedia
  2. George GJY

    George GJY Member

    Even more interesting would be Olympic sinking between 1921 and 1925. What happens?