RMS Olympic would have made a great

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Jeffrey Word

Hello all!

I just got to thinking that it's such a shame that the Olympic had to be scrapped in the 20's. What a waste! It would have made a great movie set for a Titanic picture before they scrapped it. Someone should have made a movie and used it when it was about to be taken to the scrap yard. Although, public interest in Titanic, at that time, was not NEARLY what it is today, and the craving for historical accuracy was just, not there. At least it looks that way from films such as 'Atlantic'.
I just think it's too bad that some millionaire or some movie company couldn't have bought it and used it for future flicks. Although, there's a million reasons for the Olympic's fate, it would be nice now if it had been different.
I have been saying to my father for quite some time now that it would be really great to see a liner from that era. I would just like to see for myself, what the difference between todays liners and the early 20th century liners are. We went to the mouth of the River Tyne in the North East and talked about the mauretania leaving the tyne. It would have been great to see it!

It is a shame that olympic was scrapped. Wasnt there any atempt to buy her at all? Somebody must have been interested in her.

How long was the olympic not used for? I know there is a photo of mauretania and olympic together before scrapping. How long was the ship there for?

Well, as far as I know there are no surviving liners of the Titanics exact era, but the Queen Mary is still around. If you ever get over to the States be sure to spend a night on her in Long Beach, California. The Hotel on board is never full. In fact it is often near empty and downright spooky to walk the passageways at night. But to walk the upper deck at night and at dawn is quite spectacular.
Hello Adam,

Wasnt there any atempt to buy her at all?

There was certainly interest shown in her. In summer 1935, Cunard-White Star were in discussion with a consortium who wished to buy the Olympic for operation as a floating hotel in France. Needless to say, the proposal didn't go ahead...I don't know why.

I've also heard mention of a floating casino somewhere, but it's not something I have any first-hand knowledge of.

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Hi Mark,

I think I remember reading in the old newspapers from 1935 that the Italian Government showed an interest in Olympic during the summer. Had Mussolini bought her, she would almost certainly have been put to a military use, probably seeing action in the invasion of Abyssinia and World War II.

Is this true that Mussolini had troop transport ambitions for her?


Mark Baber

Hello, Stuart---

I don't know if the other Mark has any information about the Italian government showing an interest in Olympic as a troop ship, but there was an article that appeared in The New York Times on 5 August 1935 to the effect that the British Admiralty had reportedly asked Cunard White Star not to scrap her so she'd be available for trooping duties if necessary. I don't know if there was any truth to that report but, in any event, the decision to scrap her followed within weeks.
Hi Stuart,

I'm aware of the article Mark Baber mentions above, while there were also some October 1935 rumours (if I remember correctly) involving Mussolini. If my memory's right, I think they'll be in the final chapter of my RMS Olympic book.

I think that was around the time that Mussolini started his aggressive war in Africa...so the rumour would make some sense, whether true or not.

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