RMS Titanic box anyone know where it could have come from?


Jun 11, 2018
Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this sort of thing. Got it at a thrift store. Could be some old memorabilia, looks kind of old. Had some numbers on the back 2254. Someone thought it was made out of wood from the ship but I kind of doubt that. Anyone have any ideas?



robert warren

Feb 19, 2016
Hello Wyatt.Unfortunately a lot of merchandise has been made over the years with Titanic stamped all over it, so the market is pretty flooded with fakes. They even made brass lamps with a Titanic name plate on the base, and the lamp style didn't exist on the real thing. Most people don't know that items used on these ships had the company name and logo etched on them, not the actual name of the ship itself.The ships that recovered bodies also recovered numerous wood items from the sea. A number of these were fashioned into different objects by the sailors who got them.One made a cribbage board out of a railing piece. However all these pieces had a more dull look consisting with wood that would have been in water for several weeks. That's not say someone couldn't make something like this and buff and varnish it up.My advice would be to go to an expert in maritime and antique memorabilia and they could pinpoint the origins of this piece.