RMS Titanic Inc Hearing In Norfolk Court

Mark Taylor

Mar 18, 2005
Salvors, descendants fight over selling Titanic artifacts
25 Feb 02, The Virginian Pilot

Yesterday oral arguments were heard in the appeal by RMS Titanic, Inc. regarding the decision by Judge Clarke banning the sale of artifacts without court approval. RMS Titanic had argued in its brief that the decision was not based on sound law. And perhaps they hoped yesterday would be fairly easy. They walked in arguing that its promises we never ironclad and just business plans, and that the Norfolk court had no power to prevent artifact sale. According to the Pilot the appeals judges were not impressed. ``These artifacts never belonged to you,'' Judge Paul V. Niemeyer told the salvage company's lawyer, Mark S. Davis. ``They belonged to other people. Your position is that of a trustee.'' Further the judges criticized company officials for promising one thing and then changing positions. And in a telling statement as to where the appeals court will rule on the issue, Judge Niemeyer told RMS Titanic that it must present an acceptable artifacts plan to the Norfolk judges. `You're not denied your reward, and shouldn't be,'' he told Davis. ``R.M.S. Titanic should be rewarded, and handsomely. The question is how to do it.''
May 8, 2001
GREAT INTERVIEW DAVE SHUTTLE, and a sigh of relief at the courts decision. Thank you to all involved in this battle!