RMS Titanic Safety Systems and Procedures

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Michael Kitchens

Hello all,

This has most likely been discussed ad nauseum, but were the safety systems and procedures for Titanic substandard for her time or did they meet regulations? Or did they by chance exceed minimum requirements?

I ask partly because I believe that no one incident led to the sinking. All the events that led up to the collision with the iceberg and following, all seemed to fall into place just right.

Did Harland & Wolff and White Star Line cut corners in any way? Or did both entities go above and beyond the bare minimums for safety?


Ioannis Georgiou

No "cut corners". In some ways she meet regulation and in others she exceeded them. The lifeboats were more than required by law (she had 20 instead of 16) the bulkhead, double bottom etc. were all done as the BOT want them and she was build as a 2 compartment ship but actually (depending on the damage) could survive also with 4 flooded compartments.