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Robert Daniel's dog Gamon de Pycombe

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by jamie hague, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. jamie hague

    jamie hague Member

    Hi everyone! Does anybody know why Robert Williams Daniel loved Frenchies so much? Was it him who opened the kennels maybe?
  2. Mike Poirier

    Mike Poirier Member

    hi Jamie

    If you read survivor accounts, most people kept their dogs in their cabins with them- and not in the kennels. The opening of the kennels is just a myth- which people who believe the kennels were on the boatdeck use to try and back up their claim.
  3. jamie hague

    jamie hague Member

    Hey Mike, thanks for your comments! I would refer you to another thread from 2000 when you raised similar points yourself! I am aware that dogs were kept in cabins (I would have had mine with me) but if as you suggest the kennel opening was a myth then its one of the nicer stories which I would like to believe. So sit on that mon ami
  4. Mike Poirier

    Mike Poirier Member

    Hi Jamie-

    Great pseudonym!