Robert Hichens

Hello everyone. My name is Sally Nilsson (Russell) and I am the daughter of Bev Russell, great grand daughter of Robert Hichens. I am also researching my great grand father and would love to share with like minded people. Regards Sally

Gracie H

Sally, My name is Gracie Hitchens and I think we may possibly be related. See, my great grandfather was the brother of Robert Hichens (I am unsure of his first name) which makes him my great uncle. I would love to find out further information about this! Gracie
Hello Sally I am Robert Hitchens great cousin , my fathers  mother Margaret Wood ,was Rebecca` Woods sister born in Whitby in Yorkshire.  When I was a   young girl I was told by my fathers elder brother Stanley, that he had a cousin who worked on theTitanic  and that he had saved some ladies.On searching my family tree,I found all my dads side of the tree. I  was  amazed  when i found that he was at the helm of the ship, on that night  as I thought he was probably a stoker.  I have read about Robert, and feel so sad to think his life was dogged by the events of that fatal night,as i believe he was doing what he was told   by his officersI am now aged 76years of age Nancy
I believe that Robert Hitchens might of been my Great Uncle [on my mothers side] My Grandmother's maiden name was Hitchens and my mother was allways told that he Uncle was a "bellboy" !!! on the Titanic, any mor information please email me