Robert Knight

I can't understand one thing: Just yesterday I watched a documentary about the Titanic and they talked about 8 member of the garantee group but here i read nine. what is the truth? Then is possible to recover a picture of mr. Robert Knight?
Robert Knight was my grandfather's (William McEvoy) uncle who was living in near Philadelphia, at the time of the sinking. My grandmother told me his body was never found.
William Knight's third child was named HUGH. Robert (Bob), Hugh and William (Billy) were long-time friends of my father, Robert Kirkwood and they all lived in Yarrow Street. Billy Kinght was engaged for many years to my Aunt Jean, one if my father's two sisters. Billy, Manager of H&W Joiner Shop. Billy died of a heart attack in 1941. Bob died of a heart attack about 1957 and Hughie died around 1963.