Roberto Pirrone's Lusitania model

I am hoping someone will be able to help me.

I am looking for as many pictures of the Roberto Pirrone's Lusitania model as possible.

But I only want pictures of the right hand side of the ship (see link below for example)

the old debris field web site had a good article on the model but sadly the web site no longer exists!

I would be very grateful if any one could help!
The Titanic Historical Society did a special Lusitania issue of the Commutator, including an article with color photos of Father Pirrone's model:

THS - 109. The Titanic Commutator
1990 Vol. 14 #1 - SPECIAL - LUSITANIA - 75TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE Full Issue: $20

The LUSITANIA Disaster, premonitions, by George Behe. 75 Years on the Seabed, by Dan Knowlton.
Lady Margaret Mackworth, LUSITANIA passenger account. Touring the LUSITANIA, Father Roberto Pirrone's model. TITANIC Exhibition in Stockholm.
Recovered LUSITANIA artifacts in color, many LUSITANIA interior photos.

Contact THS at [email protected] for ordering information. Robert H. Gibbons

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