Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm


Mrs. Toya D. Shupp

I find this web site very interesting. I thought you might like to know that we are related to Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm. We are trying to find more out about him and would like any information other than what I have seen at this site. Thank you!

Mrs. Toya D. Shupp
Amarillo, TX

Toya Deanine Shupp

I would like to know if anyone has any information on this 1st Class passenger? I know that he designed the lifeboats for Harland and Wolf, but I don't know anything else about him. My family name is Chisholm and we come from Scotland and England and I would like to know more about him to see if he is one of our ancestors.


Serena Fehn


Roderick Chisholm was born in Dumbarton,Scotland, in 1872.He was the chief draughtsman at Harland and Wolff and was working very closely with Thomas Andrews. He had worked for them and the Clyde works in Scotland, and then transferred to the Belfast shipyard in March 1892.
Roderick married Susan Anderson in 1896, and they set up home in Jocylen Street,Belfast.They had two children - Alyce,born in 1897, and Jimmy, born in 1898.Around the time the family moved to 6 Sandford Avenue.
Roderick was described as a very capable official, a man of great integrity, and a good linguist, and was highly respected by all who knew him.
Because of his detailed knowledge , he was selected to travel on the Titanic as a member of the guarantee group.

The info was taken from the book
"Titanic-Belfast´s Own" by Stephen Cameron.
Hope this helps.


Rolf Vonk


Toya, there's a little picture of Roderick Chisholm on page 41 of "Titanic triumph and tragedy" (2nd edition). It's not big, but it's clear enough to see what he looked like. According to Eaton and Haas the source of the picture is the "Belfast Telegraph".


Bob Chisholm

Is there any genealogical information known about the antecedents of Roderick Chisholm?
Also I would like permission to include his details in the Clan Chisholm Society magazine.

Thank you
Bob Chisholm, Genealogist, Clan Chisholm Society, UK Branch