Role of Fred Fleet on Boat #6 questioned/challenged, "ally" of Hichens?

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I saw both movies A Night To Remember and Titanic (1997), and it seems to be that Fleet indeed supported Hichens' position on refusing to go back and never defended e.g. Margaret Brown.

What is known about his role on Boat ·#6? I read a lot of books but none specifies his role on that controversial boat.

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Sam, I read over Major Peuchen's testimony once more and have yet to find where Fleet did any other action in lifeboat 6 besides his duty. Peuchen later states that he spoke with Fleet concerning striking the iceberg but I am taking it as they spoke once they reached the Carpathia. Peuchen's testimony never clearly states whether the conversation took plate in lifeboat 6 or on the Carpathia? Peuchen even stated that there was no use in arguing with Hichens, I would imagine that Fleet realized that too and simply kept rowing to keep warm.

- Mike
From the context of what Peuchen said, he and Fleet spoke while in the boat. Peuchen and Fleet sat next to each other in the boat. Some of the conversation was overheard by other passengers who misunderstood Fleet's remark about striking the bell three times when the iceberg was sighted. This created many rumors among survivors on Carpathia later on. As far as Fleet's role in the lifeboat, he was there to rowe. Hichens was put in charge of the boat.