Rosa Abbott Found

Colleen, to join, simply send $5,000 in used $ bills to:

Geoff Whitfield
Prisoner N 401
Her Majesty's Detention Centre For The Criminally Insane,
Wormwood Scrubs House of Correction

Please feel free to enclose cigars/alcholol/a file/home baked pies etc. as it is a requirement of my cell mates, "Fingers Behe" & "Crusher Cook" and will make life here much more tolerable.

Alternatively, feel free to email me at


Geoff "Slasher" Whitfield

Pat Cook

'ang on, mate. I t'ought I was "Fingers" and 'e was "Crusher"? I s'pose it's all in 'oo gets to da bunk a' night and 'oo gets all'a blanket.

As ever,, Crusher Cook
Dear Phil Gowan,

I'm better late than never.

Last night I attained a very (large) personal Titanic goal of mine that I've had for some time. This was VERY exciting for me and I can finally understand and appreciate your meeting your goals with regards to Rosa Abbott and other Titanic passengers. Meeting big goals are not always easy. They take lots of time, hard work, dedication and patience. This is what has worked for me in my recent goal, and I'm sure it is what has worked for you and Brian Meister in achieving your goals with regards to Passenger Research. I very much applaude your dedication and patience in your research.

Congratulations to you and Brian Meister on your findings.

Very Sincerely,

Will do Geoff. Since I don't know how to make a "cigar, alcohol, file" pie, Let me get the shovel and get the $5,000 stash that George buried. Actually, I think I need the shovel for other uses. Where there is a George, Pat, and Geoff posting, a shovel is a must!!!!!!!!

**"cigar, alcohol, file" pie**

If you leave the file out you have just come up with the recipe for the instant night out. I am hooked!

No more tedious knocking back pints, smoking tabs and then dodgy kebabs at the end of the night - roll up for the Geoff Whitfield patent "Saturday Night Pie".

(disclaimer - based on the recipe for that "three course meal" chewing gum Willy Wonka came up with!)

My life is complete!


Geoff, you ate the cutting torch? Crikey, that jailhouse food must be pretty bad! Good thing I didn't send explosives.

Michael H. Standart
Geoff, that was the Chocolate flavoured Ex-Lax. Good thing the loo is close by! If you prefer, I could always send you the stuff they used on the Olympic and Titanic to...ahh...unstuff the passengers. It was called Black Thunder!

Michael H. Standart
Ben and Kyrila:
A few years ago, Brian Ticehurst made available every back issue of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin. I would imagine that offer still stands. Don't know if I should hand out his e-mail address here, but you can write to him at:
Brian Ticehurst
1 Mardon Close, Swaythling
Southampton S018 2HP