Rosa Pinsky

Aug 24, 2011
hello first, I am new here and sorry my english is bad ( I am only 14)

Rosa Pinsky is a very interesting passenger but i now only that of her
she was jewish
she was widowed
she lived in burrough park street
she had relatives in warsaw
she shared a cabin with mrs. watt, miss watt and with miss toomey in second class
she was saved in lifeboat 9
and she return to russia (or poland ?)

but what became of her, why did she return, where can i find a photo of her, did she have cildren, what was her maiden name , whats her birth date, did she have sisters or brothers, what are names of her parents, when did she died and where?

hope some one can give some answers =)


Arun Vajpey

Apr 21, 2009
She used to live in Brooklyn and went to her native Poland to visit relatives. On the way back to the USA she boarded the Titanic and survived on Lifeboat #9. According to new information here on ET, the ordeal left her in poor health and unable to care for herself in America and so she returned at some stage to Poland, presumably for family support. Poland was by then annexed by Russia and she probably found it difficult to leave. Recent research (as per ET) suggests that she was still in Poland during WW2 and died there during the holocaust and is buried in a mass grave.

One of the saddest fates that befell a Titanic survivor. :(

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