Rose AND Jack after Titanic

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...."I am Captain Stanley Lord, and you are on board the Californian. We found you this morning in a lifeboat that was half full with water."

Boy that must be fiction. Captain Lord saved somebody!
I also noticed words that I don't think were used back then...for example (I think it was in the third chapter), Capt. Lord referred to his crew as "bozos"...also saying that he would pass Jack off as a sick crew member to avoid the "media"...I'm not sure the word media would have been used then. It was also funny to read Rose using the word "puke" and "wifey".

The writer also made mention of the scene where Rose notices the necklace in the coat pocket and the wording makes it seem like it already was referred to as the Heart of the Ocean.

Rose seems to be a very angry person in this story.

Don't know if anyone else read this...I couldn't get past the third chapter.
Media and bozos sounds odd, but the rest was at least correct as far as the movie is concerned.

In the movie they had talked about going to the Santa Monica Pier and drinking cheap beer and riding a ferris wheel(?) or something and puking. Didn't Rose refer to Madeline Astor as wifey?

Cal and Rose very early had a discussion when she first tried it on, refering to it first in French "La Cour De la Mer" and then as "The Heart of the Ocean".
Thanks Tim.

I haven't seen the film in a long time and after reading the points you mention (Rose using the word "wifey"), I vague memory of it well as the Heart of the Ocean mention. Now that I think of it, wasn't it Jack that used the word "puke" when they were walking on deck? I guess Rose might have used that language as she was somewhat of a maverick for her time.
I just saw "The Hours" with Nicole Kidman (as Virginia Woolf), Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep. Now Virginia was a truly MAVERICK woman! Not totally off topic as VW was a writer of the time.

Rachel Walker

I think Rose had the right to be angry. she just lost the love of her life. i like that she had a baby with jack, and i was suprised that she didnt in the movie. that wold have been the perfect ending.
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