Royal Yacht Britannia

The broad sweep of the covered port side promenade. It was here that Princess Diana was photographed gathering Princes William and Harry up in her arms in 1991, breaking with Royal Protocol.

Gangways. The walking tour starts at the top of the ship at the Bridge. You're not allowed to use the grand staircases inside the ship and so have to leave each deck by the gangway.

Entrance to tour and exhibit in the Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre. Leith used to be a run down, post-industrial part of Edinburgh but now it feels vibrant and revitalised. The location of the Britannia there has been very good for the local economy.

If you ever visit Scotland, don't forget to visit Britannia:


Inger Sheil

Lol! I've got some great shots of myself swinging down the gangway back in 1988 when she was docked in Singapore. After dropping the Queen and co. off in Oz for a royal visit, she was returning to Britain (the royals were flying home). Our mates in the Oz and Brit Navy got us aboard for the grand tour, and we wound up having drinks in the officer's mess. Fortunately they gave us some coasters so we didn't need to pinch them.
Here's a bus stop poster for the RYB in Princes Street. I took it during the parade for the opening of the Edinburgh Festival. Note the five start tourist board rating she gets in the top right corner. I hope to make a return visit in the near future. I might just try and discreetly take some photos of the interior without anyone noticing.




I can know start adding some photos. Here is the Britannia, built by John Brown and Co. of Clydebank in 1953 now permanently berthed in the Historic port of Leith, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

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Nice picture and an awesome ship. They surely knew how to build a boat back then. I think lately it kinda went downhill with many companies are abandoning the tradition and are more focused on higher profit and cheaper materials. Then you can have situations when one of the famous yacht building companies does this.


Was fortunate enough to visit the Britannia when I was in Edinburgh for work in 2010. Highly recommended, you could easily spend an entire day doing the self-guided tour. She is in immaculate condition.

Only wish it was possible to make it onto the engine room plates, though the window they have installed gives you a pretty good view. I seem to remember the boiler room being totally off limits as well.


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