Russian sub Kursk

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Tracy Smith

I followed the story of this tragedy closely. After finding out that 23 crewmembers lived several hours after the sinking, I got to thinking that this had to be a much more horrible way to die than most of the Titanic victims. Except for the 3rd class passengers locked below, at least a majority of the Titanic passengers had a chance to try to swim for it.

Being locked in a "tin can" at the bottom of the ocean with no chance of escape, sitting there as the air went away and no sounds of rescue operations must have been the closest thing to hell that I can imagine. One of the Kursk sailors left a written message for his wife and for the world.

Any thoughts?

Nathan Heddle

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Hey Tracey,

The actual waiting to die would be the most awful thing on earth or so to speak, but the actual part of dying is actually quite peaceful. Eventually all the air runs out, and you fall asleep, and then die. There is no choking for breath or anything like that, in the end it is as peaceful as you can imagine.

The waiting and knowing, however, that is true hell.


A friend of mine who monitors these things says there is a rumor in Europe linking the loss of the Kursk with the attack on the USS Cole.

Apparently, the Kursk had been sold Chinese to the consternation of Western navies. Two U.S. subs and possibly subs from other navies were "shadowing" the Kursk which (according to rumor) was on its way to China. Bam! A U.S. sub and Kursk collide with heavy damage to the bow of the Russian. Kursk falls to the sea bed as flooding overcomes buoyancy. It hits the bottom, setting off one of its own torpedoes in the damaged bow.

A few days later a damaged U.S. sub is taken into a graving dock in Scandinavia.

Russians are angry, naturally. They hire some Afghani mercenaries who team with some from the Mid-East. A fast burning military plastic explosive is loaded into a boat that no one will suspect because it has been helping U.S. ships for weeks or months. Bam! Paybacks are hell.

Boy, I wish I had the imagination to think up plots like this one. But, is it only a rumor? Don't ask me, because I don't know. What I do know is that the story has the ring of truth that attracts conspiracy addicts. I expect to hear more along these lines whether the story is true or whether it's pure hoakum.

-- David G. Brown
Personally, I think the story is pure hokum bunkem, but what the hell, the conspiracy theorists the world over should have a feild day with it.

Michael H. Standart
Michael --

We think alike on this one. However it is fun to turn the idea over in your mind like the plot of a good novel...which is probably what it really is. I brought it up for entertainment value.

-- David G. Brown
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