Ruth a loving mother

Peter Creedon

Mar 12, 2005
Is Ruth a loving mother? What does her kiss symbolize i wonder? Also do you think Ruth is hiding something from her daughter? like that Roe has a sister or something like that?
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
My impression was that Rose was supposed to be an only child. Or only surviving child. Even among the wealthiest families, there was a lot that could claim the life of a child befor they even had a chance to grow up. Since this was never established in the story arc, I doubt it was considered important.

Can't say as I know whether Ruth was supposed to be a loving mother. Only the scriptwriter knows for sure.

Jeremy Lee

Jun 12, 2003
Might seen from what she does. Loving her leads to what she told Rose when she was dressing her up but then again it can't really be seen, Ruth seems more concerned about the DeWitt Bukater name as well as money to continue with her extravagant? lifestyle.
Jun 12, 2004
She seemed uptight and concerned for her own well being, to me, but there might have been a glimmer of love for her daughter there somewhere. Perhaps her haughty attitude may have just been a cover up for her insecurity. Notice how desperate and unsettled she seemed while tying the back of Rose's corset? That certain didn't seem like the same attitude she upheld while in public. Hmmmmm

Matt Simons

Mar 12, 2005
She seemed like she wanted rose to marry Cal because if Rose didn't, then they would be poor again (poorer then jack) with bad debts and all sorts of things Rose's father left behind, covered by their good name.

Cal payed for everything by the money from his lumbermills and other companies such as steel making.

It does seem weird that Rose said at the end, that Cal went on to enherit his millions. But if he did everything from lumbermilling to steelmaking you'd think he'd have over a million dollars already. Then again this is 1912 money.

I also think she probably isn't hiding anything other then maybe some info on Rose's father. I do though agree with Mark that she does seem somewhat insecure.
Mar 28, 2002
Would anybody like Ruth as their mother? Maybe there was a tinge of guilt (not love) for her daughter when Ruth thought Rose had died. She used Rose as a commodity rather than treating her like the most precious thing in her life. The sorrow she displayed in the lifeboat was self-pity and resignation to her fate to spending the rest of her life as a seamstress. Served the old cow right, I reckon.



Tim Brandsoy

Feb 19, 2002
I had a glimmer of respect and understanding ("Rose, We are women, we do what we have to do") of Ruth until she asked if the lifeboats would be seated by Class. Ruth was preoccupied with preservation and social standing. Rose wasn't concerned with either. But Mother and Daughter both shared an ironed will determination. I think there was a mutual respect and love for each other, they understood each other, but they'd never agree to anything in life. As people they were diametrically reason Rose never had the compulsion to contact her mother, just to tell her she was alive!!!?

BTW I saw Francis Fisher guest star on Medium on NBC last night. What a wonderful actress! You can love her/hate her at the same time!

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