Ruth Becker Information


Trent Pheifer

I am making a Ruth Becker Memorial site and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions:

1. Are there any books or magazines with sections or articles about Ruth? i.e. Titanic Commutater

2. What television programs have had interviews with her?

3. What was the book or magazine published in 1977 called The Titanic Disaster, and where can I find it?

4. Does anyone have stories about times you may have met her?

John Clifford

John Clifford

Hi Trent.

To try and answer some of your questions:
1. Ruth Becker Blanchard did attend some of the THS Conventions, and her obituary is listed in one of the late-1990 editions;
2. I know for sure that she was interviewed for "A Question of Murder", and post-humously, her interview informations were featured in A&E's "Titanic:Death of a Dream/The Legend Lives On";
3. Can't help you on this one;
4. I never met her, but I did hear an interesting story about her one, and only, cruise, that she took, after the Titanic:
In March 1990, Ms. Blanchard went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. During the lifejacket drill, she commented "We never did this on the Titanic".
That created mamy of the other passengers to start whispering.

Actually, if you would like a good source of information, you might want to consider writing to Don Lynch, author of "Titanic:An Illustrated History". Don even dedicated the book to Ruth and Edwina McKenzie.
He knew both women for several years.

Let me know if you need his address.

John Clifford

naomi austin

Are any of Ruth Becker's family still around. I have just watched some of her interviews and would love to speak to people who knew her well.
I am a researcher at the BBC in London and am interested in finding as much as possible about those who sailed on the great ship.
[email protected]

George Behe

Hi, Naomi!

All I can tell you at the moment about Ruth's immediate family is that Jeanne Lehman (Ruth's daughter) passed away several years ago.

Ruth, Jeanne and I were friends, and I'll do my best to answer (briefly) any questions you might have about Ruth's Titanic experience. (If you'd prefer to correspond privately, my email address is: [email protected]).

However, the most knowledgeable person about Ruth's life is Don Lynch; if you'd like to correspond with Don, he can be contacted through the following address:

Titanic Historical Society
Box 51053
Indian Orchard, MA. 01151-0053,

(Or, if you have an 'emergency' message that you'd like Don to receive more rapidly, please contact me privately.)

All my best,