Ruth Becker Malnutrition Dehydration

I was looking at Ruth's Profile today, and I noticed it said that, she had died of malnutrition and dehydration. Does any one know how or why this happened?
Also what subject did she teach?
Any info will be greatly appreciated!


Shane Kurup
Keep in mind that Ruth Becker was 90 years old when she died. She also had a perforated stomach ulcer and other complications. Don Lynch describes her last few weeks saying "As her weight declined, so did her strength.......Finally Ruth did not have the energy to swallow anything more than water, nor could she even speak."

She had taught high school for two years from 1922-4, then got married and became a housewife. After her divorce in the early 40's, she resumed teaching. Eventually she taught first graders basic reading, arithmetic and writing.

Source: "Ruth Becker Blanchard by Don Lynch, "Titanic Commutator", vol. 14, no. 4, winter 1990

Mark Bray


Can you please mail me a copy of that article? Thank you. I will email you my address if you can.

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PS: I am always interested in ANYTHING about Ruth Blanchard.