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Brenda (865)

Ruth Becker Blanchard's Titanic survivor testimony I viewed on the A & E Channel years ago was the most riveting I'd heard of all the eye witness accounts of that epic disaster.  I was deeply moved by her demeanor of genuine anguish and torment as she most vividly and painfully recounted her recall of the events she witnessed during that fateful voyage and finally was forced to endure the night and morning of April 14 & 15, 1912 aboard the Titanic.  But so vivid was her recount of the passengers once they hit the icy dark waters of the Atlantic that I shall never forget it.  She described how the piercing sound of those human cries seemed to her and the others in the lifeboats like forever...and was forever, since albeit then in that interview being advanced in years it was clear that she was still haunted by the pleas of all of those dying voices in the water begging to be rescued April 15, 1912.  We of us can only but imagine.  She seemed to shiver in agony when she in the end of that interview said, "It was horrible!"  She was only a young girl of 12 to go through all that she did then, she must have been immensely invaluable to her Mother who had 2 babes in arms besides but especially during that cruel catastrophe.  When I think of courage, bravery, heroism I shall always be mindful of Ruth Becker Blanchard. 
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