Sage Family


Miranda Martin

Thanks for the advice, I'm writing a story about Ebba Andersson, Nourelain Boulos, Catherine Johnston, Constance Sage, Torborg Palsson and Jeannie Lefebvre. I just needed to know what happened to the younger Sages.

Hildur Panula-Heinonen

So i have read on Mr.Sage's ET page that the family had sustained the previous losses of two infants, and judging by the timed birth of their other children, i would say these two children were born/died between 1900-1910. Does anyone have any information of this?

Penny Cazaly

Stella Sage.

It is often said that Stella reached a life boat and that the family reached the boat deck. I would like to see the evidence on which these facts are based. I have searched and searched but not been successful

Talira Greycrest

So sad to see that entire families were lost. From what I've read about the Sages, Annie wasn't too enthusiastic about travelling to America by ship due to a near-drowning involving one of her daughters. Also, if it's true that the Sages did manage to reach the boat deck and Stella refused to stay in a boat because her father and brothers weren't allowed in, I can't say I'd blame her for doing that. After all, if she'd stayed in that boat and survived, she still would have lost people she cared about. So, rather than leaving her father and brothers behind, she chose to stay with them. I'd do the same. In a situation like that, there's no way I'd abandon the people I love.