Sailors get new kind of sea food

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From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Healthy menu was tested on S.D. ship
By Steve Liewer
January 8, 2007

Sailors of the U.S. Navy call Wednesday “slider day,” after the greasy grilled burgers served at evening chow on ships across the fleet.

Aboard the San Diego-based destroyer Halsey, they may have to find a new name.

Last year, the ship's mess cooks ditched sliders and other fatty fare known more for slithering down the gullet than building strong bodies as a test of a new, healthier shipboard menu. Now the Navy is adopting the new “Navy Standard Core Menu” across its entire fleet.

“It's not a menu of tofu and bean sprouts,” said Elizabeth Haldeman, standard core menu director for the Naval Supply Systems Command in Mechanicsburg, Pa. “We've taken into account a lot of things on their old menu, but with a healthier aspect.”
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Comment: Overall, not a bad idea. The prepackaged goods make logistics easier and would go a long way towards cutting down on spoilage. The deep fat fryer, fire and burning hazerd that it is, won't be missed either.
"Heat-and-serve food means fewer sailors have to serve long stints on kitchen duty, but it also means those trained as Navy cooks have much less to do.”

That's long been a decent career path, being trained as a cook by the military and later working in restaurants. I guess everything changes over time.
I think it's a matter of simplifying the logistics chain, cutting down on the time people spend in the chow line and making things a bit easier in the galley. I can't say as I would stand opposed to any of that. I've spent more then my share of time in long lines (On two aircraft carriers) and I've done my time in temporary messman duty. USN sailors sarcastically refer to it as "Messcranking."

There's still no barrier to the cooks doing something special for the appropriate occasions. When I was on the Comstock, the cooks did a special spread of Mexican cuisine for Hispanic Heritage Week, and I mean the real deal, not the insipid frauds shoveled out at the Taco Bell. It was pretty good too.
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