The color typically seen for steward’s coats is white. Recovered from the wreck are steward jackets that are white. James cameron’s Film had saloon stewards in white jackets.

BUT - in the only known photo of Titanic’s 1st class dining saloon (taken by father brown), the stewards can be made out wearing dark-colored coats. Footage from the rms Olympic promo video from the 20’s also clearly shows the stewards wearing what appears to be dark blue (it’s in black and white) coats... not white.

So my question is does anyone have any info on those dark colored jackets or a photo of one? I’ve been scouring the web for years and can’t find any pictures of those dark colored saloon jackets.. just only those two sources mentioned above... where they an Olympic class exclusive maybe?
White jackets were worn by 3rd class stewards, but the first class and deck stewards wore dark jackets and vests.


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