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Tim Gerard

Feb 26, 2019
The other day I was reading something about the history of Korea, wanting to better grasp how they got to where they are now with a divided Korean peninsula, and I just happen to notice that Kim Il Sung, the first dictator of modern North Korea and current dictator's grandfather, was apparently born on April 15, 1912. That got me wondering, what else was going on around the world when the Titanic was sailing from Southampton? When it hit the iceberg and sank? When the survivors reached New York aboard the Carpathia?

I do know that Fenway Park in Boston had its first ever regular season baseball game on April 20, 1912, two days after the Carpathia arrived in New York with Titanic's survivors. And today Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.

Digging around online a little, I found that Abdul-Baha, the leader of the Baha'i faith at the time, arrived in New York on April 11 on the RMS Cedric, which departed from Naples, Italy on March 24 (according to the Wikipedia article for April 1912) or March 28 (according to the Wikipedia article for the RMS Cedric). He was there to speak to members of that faith in the US and Canada and to spread the religion. He declined offers of Baha'is in the US and Canada to pay for him to sail on a faster and more comfortable ship, telling them to instead donate that money to charity. That faster and more comfortable ship would have been the RMS Titanic.

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Mar 25, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
Kaiser Wilhelm II was on holiday in Corfu.

In Cannes, President Raymond Poincaré unveiled a statue to the late King Edward VII

Republican Party primary elections were held in Pennsylvania.

A French aviator, Monsieur Prevost, flew from Paris to Eastchurch in Kent, England in a Deperdussin monoplane.

There was flooding in Mississippi.

Motor boat races were held at Monte Carlo.

The murdered body of seventy five year old George Marsh, a retired soap manufacturer and millionaire, was found in a quiet country lane in Massachusetts,

A strike of over twenty thousand jute mill workers in Dundee (where the Californian was built) ended after the mill's management and the workers unions reached a settlement.

In Persia (now Iran) the brother of the former Shah challenged the reigning Shah's claim to the throne.

The foreign minsters of France and Spain held talks concerning the boundaries of French Morocco and Spanish Morocco.

A serious mass disturbance occurred in Limehouse's "Chinatown"

The Admiralty announced that HMS Triumph and HMS Swiftsure would return to ports in England and their place in the Mediterranean Fleet (based in Malta) taken by two modern warships.


Dec 8, 2018
One day later on April 16th, Harriet Quimby became the first woman who flew alone over the English channel.

April 17th,
Russian troops conduct the Lena massacre, over 270 people are killed.

On April 18th the Italian aggression against the Ottoman empire began.


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