Samson in Titanic Triumph & Tragedy

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Mar 20, 2000
I don't think Lord was evil or a weasel. I do think that, based on misplaced faith in incompetent officers, he made a bad judgement call, which may be rather an understatement.

It's unfortunate that Lord's pride was such that he was unable to face the music but I think we must, in the end, see him merely as a flawed man, not a monster nor even a coward. It comes down to simple human error, nothing sinister.

Of course, mistakes are seldom truly forgiven and certainly not forgotten. They stick with us. We either face them and move on or fold up under the strain. Smith was spared having to acknowledge his mistakes. Lord had the burden of living a very many years in the shadow of his. Both men paid adequately for their missteps.

Lee Gilliland

Feb 14, 2003
One of the things that has always bothered mw about the way Lord is treated in much of the Titanic literature is he seems to be demon or angle - no in between. It's very reassuring to see a reasonable view of the man - and that is what he was, a man, in all his flawed glory - treated reasonably and humanely for a change.

Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
Thank you for your comments, Randy. I quite agree.

Lee, for a balanced look at the Californian controversy, check out Michael Davie's "Titanic: the Death and Life of a Legend".
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