Samuel Cunard Letter of Exchange Original Autographs

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Just thought I would share this very rare piece of Cunard Line history with you. (As I purchased several of these a few years back)

The following images are of a July 6, 1850 Letter of Exchange /Check.

What makes this item very rare and very interesting is:

1.) It was issued in July of 1850 when the Cunard Steamship line was only ten years old.
2.) It transfers funds from Halifax to Boston
3.) It is for the purchase of Coal and Supplies to be delivered to Boston.
4.) It is signed by Samuel Cunard
5.) It is countersigned by Joseph Cunard and Edward Cunard.

So you have a very rare item with the signatures of all three of the original Cunard brothers that founded the Cunard Steamship Line.

Image of the Letter of Exchange.

The text reads as follows:

No: 76 Halifax N.S. July 6, 1850

Exchange for $444.-- in Boston, Ninety days after date of this First of Exchange, Second of the same tenor and date, unpaid, Pay unto Edw'd Cunard inn Esq. or order the sum of Four Hundred and Forty Four dollars for, Cargo, Coal, as p???? on acct of Bridgewater Iron Company. Value received and place the same with, or without further advice, to account of S. Stetson Esq, Bridgewater. Your humble Servant; Samuel Cunard

Samuel Cunard Signature

It is overprinted with the fact that it was accepted by the Bridgewater Iron Work and paid October 5, 1850

Now an image of the reverse side with the counter-signatures of Joseph Cunard and Edward Cunard.

Joseph Cunard Signature

Edward Cunard Signature

When I have more time I will post more information on the Early History of the Cunard Line and the three Cunard Brothers.
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