Samuel L Goldenberg

I think this is a wonderful idea, Philip, and it certainly gives everyone a chance to discuss our thoughts, feelings, etc.
In my English book (I going through my sophomore (10th grade) year of school), I have found some interesting facts that I never thought I would find. One of them that struck my fancy was reading about Samuel Goldenberg, and noting that he was the only passenger on the Titanic who escaped with his luggage.
Also, from a 1912 newspaper (I would have to find the Web Site where I found this clip), it could be possible that Olive Potter's first husband, Boulton, was J. Boulton Earnshaw. Just a quickie note on that.
The book was simply called R.M.S. Titanic, and I shall retrieve the author's name as soon as I can. Again, this is such a glorious idea and the Encyclopaedia Titanica keeps only improving more and more. Good luck!
Dear Jeffrey,

Just a small correction....

Samuel Goldenberg did not save his luggage from the Titanic. In an interview given shortly after the sinking, Goldenberg declared that he obtained the piece of luggage while on board the Carpathia. When he and his wife were seen leaving the rescue ship with their "small trunk", it was thought that they had saved it from the Titanic. This was not true.

Olive Earnshaw's husband was named Boulton, and he was a purchasing agent for the University of Pennsylvania. The Earnshaws divorced after the sinking. Olive died in 1958, and Boulton in 1971.

Michael Findlay
Thank you for the correction, Mr Findlay. I wrote you email, but unfortunately my own email is down, so when it gets back up, the message will be sent. Thank you again!
The closest I know to any "luggage" being saved from the Titanic was Quartermaster Walter Wynne's kit bag, containing two changes of underwear. At the British Inquiry (Day 11, Q 13395-13400) he stated that he threw the kit bag in a boat before departing in #9, but that apparently the bag was discarded after the boat reached the Carpathia.