Sara Compton

Does anyone have any info on the life of Sara Compton?

I've always imagined her life to be a dull one, being an unmarried woman of 40 who apparently still lived with her mother. But I suppose it's not fair to speculate. She at least would have had the consolation of being a fairly wealthy spinster, since she was ultimately the last Compton left.

Her bio speaks of her spending her "retirement" near the New Jersey coastline. Did she have any sort of career?

If anyone knows anything about this shadowy figure, I'd appreciate them passing it along.

Brian Ahern
Have you read her story in Gracie's book? It starts on page 196 of the Jack Winocour edition. She spoke up in support of Fifth Officer Lowe. Gracie mentions that she was injured in the process of getting into boat 14.
Thanks Dave - I knew I'd seen an account of hers somewhere. I guess it shows she wasn't a total shrinking violet. Still, it doesn't give much indication of the sort of life she led.

Sara led an active life with many friends both in the northeast and in Florida. Although she traveled mainly in the United States after Titanic, she could afford to do most anything she wanted to do and did. She left no relatives of any sort (at least none that she was particularly close to) but her wide range of friends benefitted generously from her will. No unhappy and solitary spinster was she.