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Bill Sauder

I wanted to announce that after several years in the works, I am starting to issue my General Arrangement Plans for Titanic, compiled from primary sources.

It's been alluded to several times on E.T. in the past, but rather than revive locked posts I decided to start a fresh thread.

The plans were designed to be a universal reference for the entire Titanic Community - the social historians as well as the technical enthusiasts. But be warned, the plans are on the large side: 18" wide and over 12 feet long (that works out at 1/8"=1')

Each deck comes on its own sheet, and Promenade Deck is presently being offered, with Bridge and Shelter Decks to follow at four month intervals.

Those who might be interested can find the plans here:
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For some reason, Bill's link didn't go to his website. For those who are interested (I sure am) go to
Thank you Michael, for fixing my URL. Much appreciated.
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No problem, Bill. Now if I can just get my bloody printer to work, you may be getting an order from me sometime soon. Those plans look good!
I'm definitely interested in these plans as well, Bill. You'll be receiving an order from me soon. I agree, they look great!

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Hi Michael: thanks for your complements on my new Titanic plan (Jason too)... if your printer's stuck, just send a slip with your name and address. I'm only selling one product so I will know what you're ordering with out the form.
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Yes thanks for the issue, beings that I am a Carpenter, I can appreciate the 18" x 12' size of the plans. I know that you visited the Titanic wreck-site, I was curious to know if you were able to dive aboard a deep-sea submersible? And if so, what were your immediate feelings of the wreck? A favorite first impression of mine was of the late George Tulloch's..."It looks like an old Victorian home that lost it's care".

Michael Cundiff
>>if your printer's stuck, just send a slip with your name and address.<<

Okay. If I can't unjam this beast, I may do just that. I seem to have the worst luck with printers. How often do you expect to be releasing the rest of them?

Congratulations on your new website and the launch the first of your deck plans. I will be placing an order in due course, although perhaps not until the next plan comes out as I am in the midst of a rather exhaustive spring clean/move.

The detail is quite remarkable and I am awed by the fact that you have been researching these plans for longer than the years I've been alive. I am sure I will learn a great deal from them.

Best wishes,

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Wow! These plans are amazing!

Unfortunately I do not have a bank account of my own, so it will be my dad who has to pay for them. He doesn't like to "waste" money. However I most certainly do not think having these plans will be a waste at all.

I'm planning to go to school to become an architectural drafter. I did want to be a naval architect but I'm horrible at math, so I opted for drafter instead.

I'm also building a 3D model of the Titanic, so having these plans would not be a waste by any means.
> I know that you visited the Titanic wreck-site, I was curious to know if you were able to dive aboard a deep-sea submersible? And if so, what were your immediate feelings of the wreck?<<

I didn't get to dive on the wreck. I was "scheduled" for the last dive of the mission to inspect the engine room, but at the last second it didn't happen because "mission objectives changed" and after that, we were leaving the area.

I didn't get to see the wreck, but I certainly got to smell it - in fact it's my most vivid memory of the ship. We all know that the steel is being attacked by bacteria, and that means that metal brought up smells like bacteria poop.

The worst smelling stuff are the wrought and forged steels: the bacteria gets in between the grains and causes it to de-laminate, making it look like the pages of a book that got wet and dried out.

It's literally a smell you have never smelled before: a fetid odor that combines wet metal, the sea, dead flesh, and poop. You don't know what it is but you instinctively know it's toxic.

Lucky for all of us, once the material is rinsed off, the smell goes away. It must smell bad down there.
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Michael H. Standart writes: >>How often do you expect to be releasing the rest of them?<<

I expect to release Bridge deck in August and Shelter deck in December. The lower decks will go quicker, but I do not think I will be doing them in order.
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Mark: Thanks for your complement on my plans. Gads, it's been a long time, I'm just glad there's light at the end of the tunnel and I can do something else with the rest of my life.

It actually started out quite casually in college. I had an extra xerox copy of the Shipbuilder Generator Room plan and some dead time between classes. I had a pack of colored pencils and just started coloring in the pipes. (Steam, exhaust, ballast, bilge etc.)

I wasn't going to do anything with that one sheet other than kill time with it, but very shortly after that a copy of the Olympic "Emergency Stations Plan" came on the market, plus I was given a copy of the Britannic Hull Specification book. Suddenly, the plans in Shipbuilder looked pretty inadequate.

This was still in the days when "the Titanic plans were destroyed in the war", and the Emergency Stations plans were not standing up to scrutiny: for example the capstans on the port side don't match the locations drawn on the starboard side. This was in the ink-on-vellum era, and without solid dimensions, all I could do is make notes rather than draw.

The log jam broke when Jim Cameron did his movie. Suddenly the Titanic plans were available (at an obscenely high price). Also AutoCAD had reached a point that you could work the program easily, and the printouts were no longer in the Disney TRON era.

Now, of course, information is all over the place through the internet and it's a different world from when the only pictures available for Titanic were the six ship shots in the center of Walter Lord's book.
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Like Mark Bill I'll wait till you have a few available.
Congratulations, they indeed look absolutely remarkable.
After working for the last five years on the TTSM books I can totally understand all the work and effort that’s going into it.
>>I expect to release Bridge deck in August and Shelter deck in December<<

So noted. I'll be keeping my eyes open for them. I remember when the actual drawings were being made available by Harland & Wolff, and "at an obscenely high price" pretty much sums up the situation.
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