Savage Seas Killer Waves


Andrew Johnston

I ordered the documentary Killer Waves, of the PBS SAVAGE SEAS series... I have waited about 1 week and it arrived this morning... I would definitely recommend it to everyone on this site... it has amazing footage of the
Oceanos sinking, with stories from onboard, not to mention that this story is tied in with the story of the strange disappearance of the SS Waratah, and why they can't get at its wreck, and why it sank... BUT makes sure you are interested in the sea AS WELL as shipwrecks because the second half is more about the sea... it has some neat things about waves and weather... (I like the whole video myself)

It makes a great addition to your ship and sea collection.


Andrew Johnston

Thanks, Paul.

May I just take this time to express how cool this site is and how much I appreciate all the kind treatment and friendliness!

Titanica live on! ;)

Rob Stewart

Jun 20, 2007
Please guide to me to the discussion of fictional
ships and shipwrecks. I am referring specifically to "The Wreck of the Mary Deare."
I know there are some aficionados of the film and
the book, and I would like to dialogue with them, if possible. Thank you

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