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Don't forget that clothing only makes someone heavier when they are once more back in the air. Clothing has negligible weight when it's actually in the water.

A few years ago my students in the boat lab at Toledo Maritime Academy built an 11-foot boat in about 90 minutes. The did it while the guests of the "Admirals Ball" were enjoying dinner. That boat would have held about six people in calm water, two in rough water, and one in stormy conditions. Even so, building boats takes time. That boat only took 90 minutes because the bottom, side blanks, stem, breasthook, frame, and transom had all been pre-made and everything dry fitted prior to the event. All that work took about 20 hours in the shop. So, building credible boats was virtually impossible during the time Titanic had afloat. More lives could have been saved by prudent use of the lifeboats provided.

-- David G. Brown

Yes, if only they had filled all the life boats properly :(

Mike Spooner

Sep 21, 2017
Nice to hear from a professional seamen point of view the situation they were in, who knew a dam site more than the legal men ever did in the inquiry's!
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