School Trip Ship Battered By Winds

Mar 28, 2002
From the 29th October edition of the Express and Star:


The luxury liner Discovery was hit by a freak wave during unexpected force 11 winds last night, causing two portholes to cave in and injuring a 14-year old boy as he slept. Colin Oliver, from the Dormston School, Sedgley, was among 300 Dudley schoolchildren on a cruise around the ports of the East Meditteranean. He was hit by flying glass as he slept on the floor of his cabin, having given up his bed to a schoolpal. Despite his head injuries, he managed to drag out two friends - Ryan Jones, 14, and David Trajkovic, 13 - as their cabin flooded.
Due to the storm, the Discovery was due to dock in Larnaca, Cyprus, instaed of heading for Syria.

But the kids had a lovely time in Rhodes and Turkey, according to the pictures inside the paper!

Puts me in mind of the freak wave that hit the QE2 a couple of years ago. Also, it's not the first time a schools cruise has come to grief. In 1988, the Jupiter sank in a collision with a freighter in Piraeus harbour, Greece, killing four, including two other West Midlanders.



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