Schweiger's War Diary

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Does anyone know the best place to find the extracts from Schweiger's war diary dealing with the attack on the Lusitania ?

The only sources I have found deal with the events from 2.10 pm onwards, but I am currently carrying out some research based on the account of events given in Tirpitz's "Memoirs " - which as you might expect are hardly reliable on events - and I could do with locking down what Schweiger wrote about

(1) when Lusitania came in sight

(2) when he became aware of how many funnels and masts she had

(3) when he became aware beyond all doubt that she was Lusitania

On-line commentators suggest the answers to (1) is 1.00 pm, (2) is 1.40 pm and (3) is about fifteen minutes after he torpedoed her. The problem is, everyone seems to be reproducing what everyone else has stated in secondary sources

All help gratefully received and acknowledged.

warmest regards

Before I forget, to answer your question, Schwieger wrote in his war diary that he spotted the Lusitania at 2:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m. according to GMT)
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