Scotland Road Irregulars

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Oct 28, 2000
With apologies to devotees of Sherlock Holmes, I hereby establish an organization known as the "Scotland Road Irregulars" dedicated to serious research into all phases of the Titanic story. To be a member, all you have to do is participate.

To encourage participation, I suggest that we meet electronically once each year simultaneously at various locations around the world. Let's get the 'puter geeks to hook us up with at least voice communications. Presentations can be done by PowerPoint projected at each venue. There is no reason that we cannot link Europe, America, and Australia in one titanic Titanic conference.

We already know tele-conferencing works. Roy Mengot presented an excellent paper at the recent Toledo event in this manner. We have the technology, let's put it to work.

-- David G. Brown
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Sounds like a plan to me, although I still like the idea of annual face to face meetings. I've never been able to drink a good beer with good friends electronically. Getting signed up to an instant messaging service might be a good idea as well, since it would let us communicate instantly all year round, but it might be a good idea to avoid AO-HELL. It's programs are a little too much like a virus for my taste, and they're difficult to excise if you no longer want it short of a wipe and reformatting of your hard drive

No reason not to look into other sinkings as well if we can get our hands on the resources to study them properly.

If you sink 'em, we figure out why. (And without being tied to the agendas of those with vested interests.)

Shucks, we might even get it right if we try hard enough!
Feb 7, 2005
"The Scotland Road Irregulars"...has a nice ring to it, Dave. And, I really like the "irregular" part 'cause it means I can continue to be a member of the group! ;-)

Perhaps the SRI "board" should consist of our esteemed captains--Capt. Dave, Capt. Erik, and Capt. Weeks. The three of you could decide when it would be useful for us to meet, either by teleconference or face to face.

I agree with Mike about the importance of actually getting together from time to time. I think it helps the overall discussions when you've spent some time together and gotten to know each other on a more personal basis. The Toledo weekend was fantastic in that way--I finally got to meet Sam, Yuri, and Tad, and got to know Bob Williams as well. I hope we'll continue to get together on a regular basis to discuss Titanic and whatever else in the maritime world piques our interest.

As far as teleconferencing goes, maybe we should try it sometime to see how it works. I happen to know a geek who may be able to look into it for us...

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