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sean szmalc

Scotland's first ever Touring Titanic and White Star Line Exhibition has successfully started its tour commemorating the 90th anniversary of the sad and tragic tragedy of the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, on February 2nd until Sunday 5th of May we opened at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. Over the three month duration we attracted well over 15,000 visitors an outstanding and excellent response.

The next location for our tour is the highly popular, magnificent and award winning Scottish Maritime Museum Clydebuilt which is an excellent location, situated at the heart of Scotland's proud and historic shipbuilding industry, the World Famous John Brown Shipbuilders, builders of the famous Ocean Liners including the Lusitania, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and the prestige Ocean Liner still in regular transatlantic service to this day the QE2. Clydebuilt are very kindly assisting the Falkirk Titanic Society and White Star Line Preservation Society in staging this most successful touring World Premiere Titanic and White Star Line Exhibition "TITANIC HONOUR & GLORY."

The exhibition "TITANIC HONOUR & GLORY" has attracted over 15,000 visitors throughout the first stage of its tour and is expected to reach record numbers when opening at Clydebuilt in July 2002. The exhibition will open July 1st, 2002 and run for six months through to January 31st 2003.

The exhibition will both honour the passengers and crew, whose heroism saved so many lives, and will also celebrate the glory of the Titanic, the largest moving man made object of the day, regarded as a wonder ship, whose interiors were as luxurious as the grandest hotels and palaces.

2002, is the 90th anniversary of the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic, which famously sank after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic on the morning of 15th April 1912. Scotland has its own reasons for commemorating the event, and will pay homage to the many forgotten Scottish heroes who all played a part in saving so many lives in the freezing North Atlantic waters during April 14th - 15th 1912.

The exhibition forms a voyage of discovery, where visitors can experience many multi media experiences including a full scale recreated Third Class Cabin constructed from the Blue Prints of the Titanic and furnished to the exact details as would have been seen onboard the R.M.S. Titanic in 1912. Explore the design for the ship from models and drawings, view the wreck of the Titanic as she rests today 12,000 feet below the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean through a very large and highly detailed model. Many rare and authentic treasures from the White Star Line will be on display for the first time, including very rare pre-maiden voyage White Star Line China Dinner Plates which were all used onboard the Titanic during her sea and acceptance trials and were one of the last items taken off of the ship prior to her maiden departure from Southampton on April 10th 1912.

Exclusively for the first time in Scotland are a selection of very rare movie props which were all used in the filming of the recent James Cameron Film Titanic. And much, much more.....

A series of events to accompany the exhibition has also been planned and will be available at a later date.

"Titanic Honour & Glory will be an event that will take you on a voyage of discovery and a voyage into history.

For further details and particulars please click on the link below:-

http://uk.geocities. com/titanic_honouran dglory/titanichonour andglory.html

In the meantime, thank you so very much for taking the time view the information, if I can assist you in anyway please feel free to contact me at anytime, assuring you of my best interests at all times.

very best wishes,

Sean Szmalc.

Looks interesting, but too far away for me. I think the re-creation of the Third Class cabin would be especially something to see.

Unfortunately, you have April 14 down for the date of Moyes' death on his placard. As far as I know, except for, possibly, some of the postal clerks, no one died on April 14. The ship sank of the 15th. You should check that out.

Send your exhibition to San Francisco, I'm sure lots of people would go to it.

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