Scuttling of burned tanker Alva Cape 1960bs

Apr 27, 2005
The naptha carrier "Alva Cape" collided with the "Texaco Massachusetts" in the New York's Kill Van Kull, in the mid-1960's The fire killed 33 men, and after subsequent explosions, the "Alva Cape" was towed out to sea off New Jersey and scuttled by gunfire on orders of the Mayor of New York. I know the sinking was covered by local news agencies, but I am unable to find images of the actual sinking. Does anyone know of a source or other details of the scuttling itself?


Alva Cape

She was towed outside the thousand fathom curve by commercial tugs and sunk by gunfire from the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter John C. Spencer WPG 36. I was in the Spencer at the time.