Seamen working stations

Gaston Sam

Gaston Sam

As far as I know, each of the two regular watches of ABs (port and starboard) was split between the stern and forward. Lookouts would, of course, have their station at the crow’s nest.

But there were also some extra 7 ABs working as day-hands, and whose watch was from 6 to 5. Thanks to AB George Moore’s testimony, who apparently was well informed, we know that group of day-hands' station were “… the alleyway, and there were promenade daymen, saloon daymen, and second class daymen”.

Two of them are confirmed:
George Clench was stationed at the alleyway, from his own testimony, and was the only one there.
Sidney Humphreys’ station was confirmed by Walter Brice’s testimony: “he was on the saloon deck”.

Now my question is which parts of the ship would these stations be? The alleyway is Scotland Road down on E Deck, but I’m not sure about the other three.