Search of descendants


Hi everybody, my name is Sergio Ramos Pérez and I'm from Spain.

I'm searching descendants of passengers and crew of the Titanic for a novel. Or descendats of passengers and crew of the Californian, Carpathia, of Harland & Wolff, whatever is. I'll upload the novel to Amazon in March. I want to put it at the minimum price of Amazon, so I will not take any royalty. I want to ask to the descendants some questions about the real story, beyond everything exposed on this web. I want to know about the people on board through their descendants. I want to know some details about your ancestors and I want know what you think about the events and how I must write it. Things like that. Of course, I will mention you in the acknowledgment. If anybody here read this and wants to help me, please, contact me to talk about it.

Thank you for your attention and I would greatly appreciate any help.

PS: I'm sorry for my english, I don't know speak it very well.