"Seawards The Great Ships" - Oscar Winning Short Film


My sincere apologies if this has been posted before.

I thought some of you might enjoy this short film, shot in technicolour, about shipbuilding on the Clyde made in 1960.

"Seawards The Great Ships"

Full record for 'SEAWARDS THE GREAT SHIPS' (2230) - Moving Image Archive catalogue

At the 34th Academy Awards it won in the category for "Best Live Action Short Subject".

Hardly a hard hat or reflective vest in sight, The men smoke while they work and "light up" on hot rivets, cats play on the steel plates, there is chalked grafitti on some of the unpainted plates.

There's some great shots of "the mangle", the drawing offices, the planing machines, the flanging machines, "the rollers", the drawing loft, the greasing up of the slipway, the wooden posts being hammered away. Fantastic, wonderfully atmospheric stuff.

There's something oddly satisfying about seeing a piece of string heavily chalked up, given a flick and then you've a got a lovely long, straight chalk line on a piece of metal. Or maybe that's just me being weird !

Would anyone happen to know the name of the instrument the naval architect uses at 08:30 is called ?

The narration is very much of a "romantic" nature but then again aren't we all hopeless romantics when it comes to ships ?

Unfortunately, almost all of the yards and related industry depicted are long gone now. Very sad.