Second and Third Class kitchen Staff


Derek J. Byrne

I have read somewhere that the second and third class kitchen staff (mostly French and Italian) were locked in their quaters after the Titanic struck the iceberg. Can anyone confirm this and supply a reference? I presume they went down with the ship.
Dear Derek, it sounds as though you might be referring to the a la carte restaurant staff. There were 68 employees, only three of whom survived, including the two female cashiers. It is a difficult question to answer, whether they were actively locked in or not; it would seem likely, however, that they were not allowed on deck to start with. In the end, most of them probably came up on deck, since quite a few bodies belonging to the restaurant staff were discovered and identified after the sinking, i e they were not locked in for good.

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angela stafford-cook

can anyone give me some information on a g feltham a vienna baker third class on the titanic, he also served on the oceanic.