Second Class General Rooms

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Apr 5, 2006
Hi, does anyone know of any photos that exist of some of the various 2nd class rooms on the Lusitania? There is one common one of the lounge that doesn't really show much and there is another one of the 2nd class smoking room but it looked like the Mauretania smoking room to me. Also, are there any rederings or photos of the large 2nd class rooms said to be bigger than most of the first class rooms?
Thank You,

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Hello Luke!

I think you're referring the photo that exists in, showing a very dark picture of the second class lounge, the one with white (or of a very pale colour) small chairs, isn't it?

Well, I don't know any other photo besides the one I mentioned.

Regards, João
Oct 28, 2004
Hey Luke!
Yes, as a matter of fact there are plenty of nice photos of the 2nd Class public rooms available, but they are hard to find :-(
The Lusitania Engineering magazine reprint by Mark Warren has great pictures of the lounge, dining saloon, drawing room, and smoking room, as well as a really cool photo of the 2nd class lounge before it was gutted and reinforced with numerous pillars after the secret trials.
Eric Sauder's Triumph of the Edwardian Age also has some different pics of the public rooms.
As for the legendary cabin :) .... I've never seen a picture of it, unfortunately.
Anyways, hope this helps you!
Best wishes,

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