Second Class Passengers Cabin

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I know this is highly unlikely but does anyone have any additional information on which cabins any second class passengers were in that is not already on this site? Thank-you to anyone who can help.
Hi Leigh,

This has been discussed before, but from the way Winnie talked about her room, and throwing Nora's corset down the passage way, I have always believed that she was in a tandem style room. So perhaps she was in berth 1, room E-100; rather than in E-101.

Just my thoughts on the subject from what I recall Winnie saying.
One question I have on the Titanic's Second class Cabins is how they were assigned to the passengers. Were they divided up into sections like in Third class or what?

Information does not suggest such arrangement. From the biography of Marie Jerwan: "She occupied a cabin on D-Deck together with Ada A. Ball, a widow from Bristol, England. Noël Malachard, René Jacques Lewy and another man had the opposite cabin of theirs."

Adam Tarzwell

I know for certain Penny Pringle was in cabin F 34 *wink* hehe.
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