Second Class Stairway

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Matthew Charles O'Brien

Hello all,

Does anyone know if the region of the second class staircases and elevator shaft have ever been thoroughly explored? Are there any identifiable remnants of either staircase in the wreck?



Brad Rousse

Also, considering how damage the stern section sustained on its way to the bottom, I doubt there would be much left to begin with.
Not to mention any intereior exploring of the stern is limited to the engines. The interior decks are a mess of debris, wires, and other things. Recall in 2001 when Cameron tried to look in the Turbine engine room, he couldn't see with all the mess blocking his way. The hatch ways of the stern are clogged as well with plate debris and so forth. No one has dared to look inside the stern due to this and it's even more advancing decay compared to the bow.
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