Second Vaterland

Dec 4, 2004
I read somewhere that the Germans were planning to build another ship named VATERLAND. According "Great Passenger Ships of the World", she was launched right before the battleship BISMARCK, from the same shipyard, too. Are there any images of her, either as she would've looked or otherwise? What happened to the hull?
Sep 2, 2009
Hamburg-America Line's Hull No. 523

Was built by Blohm and Voss and Lauched 0n August 24, 1940 as the Vaterland (II) she was a 41,000 GRT turbo-electric vessel, 824' x 98.4' twin screwed with a service speed of 23.5 knots. After launch because of the war she was laid up uncompleted at her builder's yard.

On July 25, 1943 during heavy air raids on Hamburg the uncompleted Vaterland was hit by several bombs and as a result was burnt out completely. The uncompleted burnt out hulk was broken up in 1948.

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