Seeking postcards other ships that night

I have quite a few postcards but none of the ones you are after, but I am always on the lookout for them on my travels so if you like I can keep my eyes open.
I do have ORIGINAL postcards of some of the other white star line ships, including:
I wouldnt part with them, but can do you scans if you like?
I also have scans available of some Wills Cigarette cards, showing the following ships:

Let me know if yopu want the scans ok?
That goes for anyone else who may read this too.
I have about a dozen postcards of ships including the following,the Mauratania , Aquatania , Celtic , about six of the interior of the Majestic
the Cap Poliono(?)etc which the germans surrended during world war 1, but one good one I have is of the Lusitania and it has been posted while on board by a passenger to some one in Washington D C in 1909 ,sorry my spelling of the ships is bad
I'm in a public library and I don't have them with me I would not sell them but I would be intrested to know the value , my Uncle is a real ship fan he has over 400 ship plates etc and my dad has an old oil painting of the Oceanic
Best wishes,ed turner here in Norwich;England
if you e-mail the folks at cabin class collectibles they be able to tell you quite a lot about those post cards. they given me info before.
I am the great niece of John Henry Chapman, & have two postcards posted from Queenstown. John & his bride Sarah (Lawry) were on their honeymoon
voyage. Sarah's body was never found, but John had various items in a purse in his pocket, which are highly valued by me for sentimental reasons.
The cards were sent to my mother & aunt who were staying at Carpuan, the family farm, at the time.
There was an account of their wedding in the local paper. John had wanted Sarah to join him in America to be married, her family refused, so he
came back to marry her, & booked their honeymoon
voyage on the Titanic and they both drowned.
So very sad.
Hi, Sheila!

Would you consider sharing the text of the two postcards with us? (Thanks very much for considering my request.)

All my best,

Hello George,

Yes I will share the text of my
postcards , am pushed for time now, but will get them out from safe keeping & communicate soon.
Best wishes, Sheila.
hello George, I have got my cherished postcards out & will describe them to you . They are both the same, White Star Line,with an illustration of the liner with a small sailing vessel alongside.
The halfpenney stamps both show the postmark
Queenstown. One is addressed to Miss M Chapman & says "My Dear Maud, With love to you from Uncle Jack and Aunt LizzieXXX "
The second card is addressed to Miss S. Chapman,& says "My dear S, We shall be into Queenstown in about an hour. Hope you are all well, with love from AuntieXXX."
At the top of both cards is written Thursday morning.
Both cards are addressed to Carpuan, St. Neot, Nr. Liskeard, Cornwall.
Miss M Chapman was my mother Maud, Miss S. Chapman
was my mother's elder sister Sidonia. Uncle Jack was John Henry Chapman, Aunt Lizzie was Sarah
Elizabeth Chapman, his wife.
Hi, Sheila!

Thanks very much for transcribing the texts of the two postcards for us and for providing the additional background information about them. Letters and postcards like the ones you've shared with us make the passengers who wrote them 'come alive' in our mind's eye and allow us to think about them as they once were -- living, breathing human beings.

I hope you'll keep your two postcards in a safe place so that future generations of your family can continue to appreciate their intimate connection with one of the great tragedies of the twentieth century.

Thanks again, Sheila.