Seeking Titanic scarce editions

Lonely sea-heart here, seeking the following books:

HOME FROM THE SEA - Rostron 1931

Reasonable prices afforded... books given a good Titanic home. Well, you never know. Fishing.
I've got an extra copy of "The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters". It's the one edited by Logan Marshall and copyrighted by L.T. Myers, and is a 1912 first edition. Don't think this is what you're looking for, but it does include "Thrilling Account by L. Beasley" (spelling by Marshall). I'll trade it for a first edition of your book autographed by you and Phil.
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Dear Senan,

I was going to say something but I thought I'd be nice.
However, while we're on the subject, to any and all, I'm looking for a reasonably priced 1929 copy of "The Loss of the SS Titanic". Can be either hard cover or paperback.

Best regards,
Pat Cook
I know, Phil, I know - bookfinder, Bibliophile, ABE. You can find 'em - but they've been sold.
It somehow reminds me of John Wayne's remark to the rookie Captain who thought he saw Apaches from the fort.

Wayne: "Sir, if you can see 'em - they ain't Apache."
Some of these editions are available at alibris{}. However, they're very expensive. For example, Lawrence Beasley's "Loss of the S.S. Titanic," depending on its condition, retails for between $369 and $562. Gracie's "The Truth About Chickamauga," for between $120 and $240. Recently published editions are cheap: Beasley's book for $12, and Gracie's "Titanic: A Survivor's Story," $12. Rostron's, Lightoller's and original editions of Gracie's "Titanic" book," were not presently listed. If you're really interested in getting these, and willing to pay the price, you may contact aliabris and see if they can dig them up for you. Good luck!
Hi, Joe,

Thanks for you note. While I can't speak for the others, I have been to Alibris, Advanced Book Exchange, Bibliophile and Bookfinder. I got my '79 Beesley from Bookfinder, in fact. The '29 that's still listed there (unless it's been removed) has been sold - went out the day it was posted according to the seller. That's why I thought I would post a note here.

Best regards,
I would suggest checking (online auction) for older Titanic books...make sure in the query search you type Titanic 1912 ...If you don't, and leave off the 1912 you will get all the movie stuff offered for sale on there (probably over 2,000 items).

I have seen all the above mentioned books listed for sale on there...
Hi, Lucy,

I should've added Ebay to my list of sites I check regularly (and Molony does as well, I don't think he'll mind my mentioning that.) In fact, I have purchased many of my 1912 book collection on Ebay.
Appreciate your advice, just the same.

Best regards,
Senan wrote: Lonely sea-heart here, seeking the following books: ...
Yes, mate, and aren't we all. ;-)

Joe’s post didn’t cover why Alibris is so ‘pricey’: it is a book finding service. Using Alibris cuts out a lot of potential messing about with bookshop owners and their idiosyncratic payment methodologies, but you do get to pay for this. Alibris lists some books covered by other book search engines (check the book descriptions if you don’t believe me) so it’s always worth checking elsewhere before committing yourself to the Alibris service fee. Personally, I prefer the thrill of the hunt.

Sen and Cook: you both refer to Bibliophile. Is this the UK site or perhaps (the excitement builds) a site I don’t know about?

My apologies if I have intruded but how could I resist a thread on book finding? And I do know a bit about it, except exactly where to get really cheap Lightollers and Rostrons, of course...

Regards, F
Ta muchly Cook,

Am already a trawler through Bibilofind. But Bibliophile is starting to pick up a bit - nearly 50 Titanic related listings last night, just nothing particularly interesting.

Cheers, F
Does anyone have any extra copies of two copies that they would trade with someone with the same problems...there are a couple of books(recent books....not from 1912 or anything) that I have to copies of that I would love to trade with someone willing.....

Mark Bray :)