Senator Francis Newlands

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Congressional Directory, 62d Congress, 3d Session, December 1912

FRANCIS GRIFFITH NEWLANDS, Democrat, of Reno, was born near Natchez,
Miss., August 28, 1848; entered the class of 1867 at Yale College and
remained until the middle of his junior year; later on attended the
Columbian College Law School at Washington, but prior to graduation was
admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and
went to San Francisco, where he entered upon the practice of law and
continued in the active practice of his profession until 1888, when he
became a citizen of the State of Nevada; was elected to the
Fifty-third, Fifty-fourth, Fifty-fifth, Fifty-sixth, and Fifty-seventh
Congresses, and served on the Committees on Irrigation, Foreign Affairs,
Banking and Currency, and Ways and Means; was elected to the United
States Senate to succeed Hon. John P. Jones, Republican, for the term
beginning March 4, 1903. In the general election of 1908 Mr. Newlands
submitted his candidacy for reelection to a popular vote, under the
election law of Nevada, and received a large majority over the votes of
all competitors. The legislature, being pledged in advance by the party
platforms to carry out the popular will, thereupon, without opposition,
reelected him United States Senator for the term ending March 3, 1915.
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