September 2005 Survivors' Descendants Alive in Wreck

Apr 11, 2001
Run- do not walk to your local news stand. The Weekly World has done it again. The cover features three young folks peering out a porthole far beneath the sea. Seems like Titanic's hull opened up a deep sea cavern and survivors have been breeding down there lo, these many years. The "Leader" is a guy called O'Reilly and they have all been living on galley provisions, plus fish of course! Their only regret is not knowing about their ancestors ashore. But no worries, the "expert diver" will return with photos as these cave dwellers of the deep do not wish to surface from their Titanic home. Oh dear, and we thought Winnie Coutts and the Mummy were it worth $2.95?- nah. O'Reilly? Hmmm.. I wonder if Senan has anything to do with this one! :)
Aug 19, 2003
Gotta get some copies for the next TIS auction!! Someone at work mentioned this as soon as I came in today.... (I have my coworkers well-trained)

Mary Ann
Mar 15, 2001
World Weekly News at it again this week. I don't know about everyone else but I think its funny that they print news such as this. I guess they are still trying to cash in on Titanic mania.

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