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Nov 12, 2000
A-HA! Jason, I think I know where the confusion is. I'm almost positive that at least some of the adverts you are talking about are found in Mark Warren's book, Distinguished Liners from the Shipbuilder 1906-1914, Volume 1. 1st printing thus. NY: Blue Riband Publications. 1995. hardcover. isbn: 0964815303.

This book includes a selection of various articles from original Shipbuilder issues, and it includes many of the original adverts as they appeared in those magazines. Unlike the Ocean Liners of the Past series, which have very few original ads, Warren's book has quite a few, about 65 or so. There is even an index to advertisers.

There were actually two volumes in this series. Check out the following link for more details:

I'm willing to bet that the person was thinking of Warren's book and mentioned the other by mistake.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Apr 20, 2004
Thanks Michael, for solving that mystery. Those titles have been on my wants list for a while. I have all Mark D. Warrens other "reprint" books - and recently I was lucky enough even to get an original edition of Campania / Lucania from 1893. But Mark's two Volumes on "Distingushed liners" have eluded me. About two years ago, I came accross a pair on a US bookshop website, but I wasn't able to afford them at the time - I think they were asking about 150GBP each for them. When I became rich again I employed a book search service, to no avail, and I've had a favourite search running on ebay for about 1 year - nothing there either. I guess they are bound to crop up somwhere sooner or later. Perhaps I've just been looking in the wrong places.

All the best

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Nick Howes

Aug 13, 2009
The 1911 shipbuilder Olympic / Titanic special is now available (an exact reprint with fold out plans)from Previous reprints eg 1970, 1988, have missed out certain adverts etc, and for the first time since 1911 this is an exact copy. I've ordered mine today! sorry if there was already a thread but I couldn't find one open.

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