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I came across a facsimile copy of the Olympic/Titanic souvenir edition of
the shipbuilder in the Mitchell Library on Tuesday. This was the first time
I actually was able to sit down and read it properly. I'm wondering how on
earth I managed without it... the glorious strains of Holst's Cotswold
Symphony ran through my mind as I read the descriptions of the passenger
accommodation. Have any of you read this and what emotive effect did it have
on you? On a point of pedantry, it confirmed my long held theory that the
Titanic was very much junior and overshadowed by the Olympic at the time she
sailed. Had she not sank, I believe Olympic would very much be seen as the
more famous of the two sisters just as the Queen Mary is seen as such over
the Queen Elizabeth by virtue of the fact she was the pioneering superliner.


Daniel Rosenshine

It's amazing what the libraries have ..... Daniel.
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